Paint Color Choices For Crown Molding and Trim

Paint Color Choices For Crown Molding and Trim

Crown molding and trim give you an opportunity to add some accent colors. Even if the rest of the walls, inside and out, are all one color, the trim and molding can be painted whatever color you want. What you choose will depend not just on personal preference but also on what else is in the room, along with other factors. Decide on a color and then contact our house painter in Lansdale, PA!

How Much Contrast Do You Want?

Crown molding and trim can be the same color as the walls and ceiling to make everything blend, or you could add some very visible contrast. You just have to decide how much contrast you want. For example, white molding on top of beige walls is nice and subtle, while red molding would create a lot of contrast.

One thing to keep in mind is that crown molding tends to look better when it’s well-matched with some other element in the room, while trim, such as on the exterior of the home, can contrast a little more with its surroundings. You still want it to look good and go well with the rest of the house’s exterior, of course. But while, say, dark blue trim on a mainly white house exterior can look great, dark blue crown molding over white walls can be too much of a contrast if nothing else in the room is dark blue or a similar color. The blue could look as if it were out of place.

Do You Want the Trim to Match Something Else?

The trim and molding don’t necessarily have to match just the wall or ceiling. They can match other items in the room. For example, if you have a lot of wood built-ins like bookcases that are stained a certain shade, paint the trim and molding to match that color. The pairing of the wood plus the trim or molding, bookending the wall panels, can make the room look very elegant and put together well. Think of it like matching accessories; you’re matching various “extras” in the room with these paint shades.

For these rooms, do ensure that the color of the trim and molding matches something that will be in the room for a long time. Using the previous example, say those bookcases were not built in and they were removed. The darker trim might look out of place. Keep that in mind if you feel like matching the trim to modular furniture or area rugs that someone could move out of the room at any time.

Are You Staying Within the Same General Color Range?

Sometimes you don’t want crown molding and trim to stand out much at all. If you’re not a fan of painting it the same color as the wall or ceiling but don’t want noticeable contrast, go for another shade of the colors you’re already using. If you have light blue walls, for example, and a white ceiling, make the molding a slightly darker blue. You can also try coordinating colors, such as black molding for a gray wall. That draws a visual line that isn’t too visible and sits nicely in the background. There is a bit of a risk that the additional shade could clash with other items in the room, so think carefully about using this. However, if the rest of the room isn’t going to clash, then you have another viable option for painting trim and molding.

Work With Professional Painters 

Painting trim and crown molding in different colors can make your home look more interesting and color-coordinated. If you need to find painters in Phoenixville, PA, call Proper Painting LLC! 

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