3 Color Schemes That Make Rooms Feel More Luxurious

3 Color Schemes That Make Rooms Feel More Luxurious

Color can do a lot of things in a home. It can make a space look bigger or smaller, it can breathe life into the room, and it can make some rooms look and feel more luxurious. When you’re decorating a room, the paint color sets the tone for the room and can change how the space looks and feels. If you’re going for a more luxury look, consider these popular color schemes. 

Light Neutrals

When you paint a room in light neutrals, you get a number of benefits. The light, airy colors make the room look larger, and it’s easy to furnish a room with pops of color without clashing with the walls. Consider painting in shades of white, light pastels, beiges, light grays, cream, etc. 

Dark, Rich Tones

Another way to create a luxurious feel is to use dark colors like black and deep brown on the walls. These have a sophisticated look that can make the room seem more expensive. Many people do a whole room in dark colors with dark woods and upholstery to go with the dark walls. Or, choose an accent wall to paint with a rich, dark shade. So if you’re looking to redo a room to make it more modern, this can be a good option for you. It also has the advantage of showing less dirt, so it can be easier to keep it looking clean and fresh. Our house painters in Perkasie, PA can help you to get the deep hue you want for the perfect shade of luxury.

Black and White

If you can’t choose between an airy, light look and a rich, dark look, you can actually have both. Outfitting a room in black and white has a crisp, classic look that is often used to create a feel of luxury. This is a popular color combination for rooms that you want to be impressive. In these rooms, the walls are usually white, though the paint may have black stripes, dots, sponging, etc. The furniture and flooring can then be in either color so that the room looks cohesive. Proper Painting offers residential painting in Quakertown, PA so you can get this look for a touch of luxury in any room. 

When you want to live in luxury, it doesn’t have to cost a lot. The right color scheme can work wonders to give you the look and feel you want. Call us at Proper Painting LLC for a perfect paint job! 

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