Deck Painting Professionals in Telford, PA

Your deck is where friends, family, loved ones, and customers gather. Keeping that deck looking its best isn’t just a question of cleaning up at the end of the day. It’s about removing years of dirt and grime and the day-to-day stains that come from constant traffic. When Telford, PA homeowners and businesses want to give their deck new life, they call on Proper Painting.

Proper Painting has established itself as the premier option for deck painting in Doylestown, PA, Telford, PA, and everywhere in between. Our dedicated and committed team continually brings life and color back to residential and commercial decks. We understand that your deck is an investment. It’s where everyone can gather at the end of a long day – for lunch – or just to enjoy the great outdoors.

Our deck painters use nothing but the highest-quality paints while offering a wide range of vibrant, eye-catching colors, numerous earth tones, and vivid, bright hues. We don’t just paint – we provide a complete and comprehensive service that includes color-matching, color design, paint selection, and painting.

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Residential Deck Painting

You can easily spot an unprofessional deck painting company from a mile away. They show up late, use old drop cloths, and paint brushes that are rarely – if ever – cleaned, and never seem to do anything more than put on a new coat of paint as quickly as possible. For these painting contractors, it’s all about speed and getting to the next customer.

Proper Painting is different. We love what we do. Providing first-rate residential deck painting for Telford customers is a passion. From the time we receive your first call, schedule our deck painting service, and bring new life to your deck to the time you call us back for another job, every moment will be marked by professionalism.

First, we are always on time. Second, our pricing is transparent and does not change. You know exactly what you’re paying for from the moment our quote is provided. Third, using top-quality paint and painting equipment is what makes us successful. We never skimp on our equipment or service.

Commercial Deck Painting

Commercial businesses in Telford, PA use Proper Painting because we take the necessary precautions to do the job right. It’s the little things that make a difference when it comes to professional deck painting. Initially preparing the deck painting surface is critical. Often, this involves sanding or scraping portions of the deck (depending on the deck material) to level off older paint before applying a solid layer of primer. That primer improves the adhesion of the prime paint/coat and ensures a robust, durable final finish.

Using painter’s tape to ensure crisp, clear lines and contours and sharp corners is a must. Using new or properly cleaned brushes and rollers and cleaned drop clothes ensures that spills are always mitigated. Taking extra precautions while painting with readily available commercial paint remover ensures a beautiful final finish.

We understand that making your commercial deck in Telford, PA look its very best is critical to impressing customers. Whether yours is that trendy restaurant, pub, eatery, Friday hot spot, or industrial business that has an exterior deck for employees to enjoy, we provide a service as if your deck were our very own.

Why Our Deck Painting Service is the Best

Proper Painting services are the best option for painting in Telford, PA because we do everything we say we’ll do. That’s it. There is no secret sauce. We provide the best possible deck painting service anywhere in Telford, PA. That’s why we rarely have to advertise. It’s why we’re always given referrals and why so many of our first-time customers become repeat customers.

For every member of our team, painting is what they love to do. It’s about impressing our customers with our service so that calling us back for another job is second nature.

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