Deck Painting Company Serving Hatboro, PA

Your deck can look brand new with a professional paint job. Some improvements to your Hatboro, PA, home cost a lot of money, but deck painting offers a reasonably priced solution that transforms your home’s exterior. With deck painting, you increase curb appeal and improve deck safety.

How does painting a deck improve safety? When Proper Painting LLC paints a deck, we encourage the homeowner to let us water seal it first. Water sealants protect the wood from water damage, which protects it from developing wood rot.

Our company specializes in home improvements, so we replace rotted boards before sealing or painting. This process provides you with a safe starting point and renews your deck. When completed, updating the sealant or paint on a deck or porch can instantly enhance the home’s curb appeal.

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Our Deck Painting Process

Our prep process primes the deck wood for painting. We know the importance of starting with a clean deck, so we wash the deck as the first step. After drying the wood, we scrape off the old paint and then sand it. Sanding the deck boards provides a smooth surface for the sealant and paint.

Next, we apply a clear sealant coat to it. This creates the water barrier that protects your wood from rotting. Some paints include a sealant, so you may not need both.

Finally, we professionally paint your Hatboro, PA, deck whatever color you choose. The clear sealant doesn’t affect the paint color. We recommend that you match your deck paint to your house trim color, but if you want something funky and fun, like purple or lime green, we’ll do that, too.

Proper Painting LLC can help you obtain custom paint color through a local home improvement retailer. Typically, you can choose from Behr or Sherwin Williams floor or deck paints, but some stores may offer other brands. Whether you use a custom or standard paint color, the project must use paint designed for walking surfaces. We recommend you let us handle material acquisition.

Professional Service, Amazing Results

We know you have many contractor choices in Hatboro, PA. At Proper Painting LLC, we provide professional service from experienced, certified carpenters and painters. Whether we work on your home’s deck or repair drywall for you in your living room, you’ll find our work of the highest quality, especially our painting.

How Long Does Deck Painting Take?

The actual deck painting only takes a few hours, but you can’t use the deck for 24-72 hours after the paint application. You can plan for the Proper Painting LLC crew to work at your Hatboro, PA, home for one workday. Make your deck off-limits to people and pets for at least two days to allow the sealant and paint to dry completely and cure.

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Renewing Your Deck

At Proper Painting LLC in Hatboro, PA, no job is too large or small. We can help with whether you need your deck resealed or a whole-home renovation. Our reliable and experienced deck painting professionals work on commercial and residential projects. Our Bucks County company began with two people and one truck, serving our hometown. 

Today, our multi-vehicle firm serves all of Bucks County and Montgomery County, including Hatboro, PA, Blue Bell, Buckingham, Collegeville, Harleysville, Quakertown, and all towns in between. You can also call us for painting services in Willow Grove, PA!